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Team Members
Like it or not we are ALL in Sales

All Small Business owners are in Sales. This series is geared specifically to the needs of Small Businesses who tackle the daily struggle of needing revenue in the door, but just hating the moniker of "Salesperson". You are a problem solver, facilitator to success, 

That's right. Everyday we sell. Whether it's selling an idea at work, convincing a child to clean their room, getting a loan at the bank, recommending a restaurant, booking a vacation with a loved one. They all involve convincing or getting agreement. It's about moving others, an exchange where both parties are better off. It is a truly beautiful thing when we all get what we want.

How do we get to the state where we don't "feel" like we are selling, but actually having a conversation about needs. You have a belief in what you offer. You trust that your offering will make a difference in someone's life or you wouldn't be in business.

People buy why you do something, not the what or the how. Share your why.

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