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Ask the Tough Questions Or Else

Early in my career, like many, I focused on anticipating objections and being ready to address them when they came up. It felt like a win if the prospect didn't bring up any objections I had prepared for. But here's the catch - I didn't win all those deals.

It took me longer than I'd like to admit to realize that I might be missing out on something. What if my competitors addressed objections I never even heard from the prospect? That thought struck me because it meant they appeared more prepared and better attuned to the prospect's needs.

So, I took a bold step that was not typically taught in sales training programs. I started bringing up the potential objections myself. That's right! I raised it if the prospect didn't question or object to something I believed was crucial for their decision-making. Some might call it heresy, but I saw it as a strategic move.

Here's my logic: Multiple competitors and decision-makers will be involved in most sales opportunities. Do you honestly believe no objections or concerns will go unnoticed in such a complex scenario? Of course not.

By being the one to bring up a concern or question, you demonstrate a profound understanding of the situation. You show your prospects that their best interests are your priority. What better way to convey that you genuinely want to find the best solution for them?

Show your prospect that you genuinely understand your business and theirs. Prove that you're a trusted advisor who comprehends the market and, most importantly, their specific business needs. Let them see you're on their side and willing to ask the tough questions, even if they hesitate.

Remember, asking tough questions isn't a sign of weakness; it demonstrates your commitment to providing the best possible solution for your prospect. So, ask those tough questions, or else...

Bernard Kuhn

Sales Strategist | Solopreneur and SMB Catalyst | Fractional Sales Leadership

Honest and informed sales advice that speaks to your gut, aligns with your principles, and reflects what I stand for.


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