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Is a Warm Body Better Than No Body?

Closing deals in sales is like walking a tightrope: it takes a lot to get it right, but one misstep can make the whole opportunity tumble. Picture this: you've finally found someone willing to chat – great, right? Well, maybe not. Are they the right fit for what you're offering? Is a warm body better than no body?


So, you start talking, building that oh-so-important rapport. The prospect is listening and asking questions. Surely, they're interested? After all, why else would they dedicate a whole hour to you? Then they ask more questions. Great, right? You answer them with confidence. They ask about the price. You don't hesitate to give them the price. You wrap up the call, promising to chat in a month. They're swamped with a big project, they say. Fair enough, you think.


Fast forward a month – you reach out. They apologize, saying the project's still gobbling up their time. Maybe try again in three to six months, they suggest. Summer's not the time, they add. You send them a brochure, a gentle nudge to remind them of your awesomeness. Six months go by, then a year, and there is still no callback. Finally, they respond: "Thanks, but no thanks." No budget or need went with a competitor – you name it.


Sound familiar? It's the classic tale of the lost prospect that got away. They were in your sales funnel, and you had high hopes, but now they've vanished into the abyss of rejection. But wait, you think, we had so much to offer! If only we could hit rewind and start over.


Sadly, this scenario isn't unique. Among my solopreneur and SMB clients, it's all too common. Even those outside the traditional sales realm – marketing, finance, and product teams – face similar struggles.


But where did it all go wrong? Can you spot the subtle issues? Sure, we weren't pushy, didn't sound like typical sales robots, and gave them space to mull it over – but in our bid to avoid being "salesy," we wasted everyone's time. We fell into the trap of assuming that if they're listening, they must be interested. After all, a warm body beats no body, right?


What went wrong, and how can we avoid this trap next time? Here's a playbook to reduce risk and boost your revenue:


  1. Qualify your prospect: Are they the decision-maker? Do they have the budget and timeline? Do they fit your ideal customer profile?

  2. Listen to their needs: What are they saying in their own words?

  3. Connect the dots: Can you link their needs to your product's features and benefits?

  4. Get their buy-in: Can you explain this to them effectively, and do they agree?

  5. Show them the value: Can you quantify your product's benefits to address their needs?

  6. Know their schedule: Are any ongoing projects that might stall your conversation?

  7. Secure commitment: Are they willing to commit to the next steps?

  8. Set up the next meeting: Schedule it before ending the call, with clear next steps for both parties.

  9. Follow up: Send a recap email outlining responsibilities before the next meeting.

Can you cover all this in one conversation? Absolutely! It's what I like to call Sales Coordination or Sales Dexterity. 


TIP: Any step your prospect is unwilling to take is a red flag, a warning sign that a sale might not be in the cards – at least not yet.


Have any questions? Situations you were in that were head-scratchers. Something you are going through right now? Have a prospect that has been "promising" to buy for a year now?

Reach out, and let's talk about it. I can tell you what's happening and why it happened.

Bernard Kuhn

Sales Strategist | Solopreneur and SMB Catalyst | Fractional Sales Leadership

Honest and informed sales advice that speaks to your gut, aligns with your principles, and reflects what I stand for.


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