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Sales Agent

We have discovered that "what" is taught(the content) is ubiquitous.

Our difference is in "how" we teach(approach, mindset, etc...)


Using a customer centered approach our Training program flips the script on traditional Training seeing outcomes through the eyes of our customer instead of our own revenue driven mindset.

This leads to higher order values, shorter sales cycles, and improved closing rates because of greater empathy, better questioning, and improved listening skills 


The greatest athletes and most successful people in the world don't do it alone. It takes a team to be successful.

Success also requires dedication and hard work much of it behind the scenes, as we perfect our craft.

Our success in a highly competitive market depends on us constantly developing our skills, challenging our assumptions, and evolving our approach

1:1 personalized coaching addresses immediate needs, develops growth targets, and establishes an accountability partner to support attainment of personal and professional goals

Management Meeting

Sales management is the most undervalued and yet most impactful roles within an organization.  Daily responsibilities include:

  • Daily interaction with each salesperson

    • identify and develop skills

    • Review and participate on Sales call

    • Sales opportunity review

    • Hiring and deployment

  • Monitor metrics and proactively address Sales issues

  • Develop a plan to scale the business

If any of the above tasks are put off you risk slowing down a sale or losing it all together. Worse yet, you risk losing your Sales staff.

Outsource these responsibilities for little risk and a fraction of the costs


Sometimes you need to shake things up. Have a different voice to share a message. Maybe it's disrupting thought patterns, lightening the mood, or setting the stage for future growth.

A speaking engagement can:

  • Light a fire and motivate employees

  • educate or enlighten on a given topic

  • Disrupt thinking getting people out of their funk

Audience Clapping
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